THURSDAY, January 5

Critics and fans alike are unanimous that Meryl Streep is marvelous as Margaret Thatcher in "Iron Lady."  Well, a few have pointed out one little flaw in her portrayal.  In a scene shot at Windsor Castle, she gets a little confused between Thatcher and Julia Childs and explains to Queen Elizabeth how to prepare beef and kidney pie. 

Space officials in Beijing announced that they intend to send a man to the moon by 2022.  In fact, they've already approved a special "space diet" for the "lunarnauts" that includes an energy drink formulated from a recipe that dates back to the Tang Dynasty.

An amorous couple in Galesburg, Illinois decided to pop out for a couple of Big Macs but forgot to put their clothes back on.  They hopped into the guy's convertible, tooled up to the drive-thru window, and before the counterman could say "Supersize that?" the guy already had.

Born-again Christian quarterback Tim Tebow drops to one knee as though in prayer following every touchdown.  Actually, it as no religious connotations.  What he's doing is adjusting his "Lucky Depends" that were given to him by his mentor, Brett Favre, when Tim was a struggling high school QB. 

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