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North Korea's new Supreme leader Kim Jung Un has already hired American ad agency Benton & Bowles to polish his international image.   He's hoping that the same agency that marketed 7-Up as the "Un-Cola" can come up with a campaign establishing him as the "Un-Dictator."

Remember that experimental DeLorean roadster used in the movie "Back to the Future"?  It recently sold at auction for half a million dollars.  And it came with an added bonus -- thanks to a small-print provision in his contract, once a month Michael J. Fox comes to your house to wash it.

As you may or may not have noticed, during Lindsay Lohan's recent photo shoot for Playboy, she tried to imitate the poses made famous by Marilyn Monroe.  When she announced she was seeking a ball player to stand-in for Joe DiMaggio, twenty-six New York Yankees applied. 

Seeking a change of scenery, an adventurous kitty cat in Columbus, Ohio crawled under the hood of an SUV where she completed a 200-mile trip as a stowaway.  She was discovered only when the driver, checking his mileage gauge, noticed he was getting only 17 miles to the hair ball.

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