THURSDAY, January 12, 2012

Facing massive losses due to rising fuel prices, Delta Air Lines has reluctantly raised the price of their tickets across-the-board.  And they've instituted drastic cutbacks to save money.  Now in the event of a sudden drop in cabin pressure, an oxygen mask drops down between the seats with a sign on it that says "Share this."

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z are now the proud parents of a new girl baby they've named "Ive Blue."  And I know what you're thinking.  Like every other joke writer throughout the land, I somehow resisted the urge to report that she gave birth to a "beyonce baby girl."

A bank robber holding up a London Bank got rattled and inadvertently handed the teller his .38 snub-nose automatic instead of the demand note he had written.  Then things got even more confusing.  The uniformed guard nearby thought the teller was delivering a premium for opening a new account and gave the robber tips on where to buy cut-rate ammo. 

Mattel has announced that they'll soon offer a matched set of Kardashian Sister dolls.  Advance word is that they're so lifelike, the Kim doll comes with six Chinese children dolls that make her clothes in a sweatshop doll house.

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