WEDNESDAY, January 11, 2012

When the clerk at White Castle asks if you'd like to "supersize that," he may be offering to put a head on your brewski.  The fast food chain now offers beer and wine so be careful, gals -- from now on when a guy asks you out for a drink, best you ask for specifics.

Pop culture gadflies The Kardashians have launched their own magazine called "K."  I think there are already too many magazines named with a letter.  "Gentleman's Quarterly" is now "GQ" -- Oprah's magazine is called "O."  If the Kardashians insist on a letter, wouldn't it make more sense to call it "Y?" 

A rare penny minted by the government 219 years ago recently fetched $1.38 million at auction.  What are the chances, you probably wonder,  of you finding a penny that will make you $1,380,000?  Mathematicians tell us it's 1-in-1 billion, 380 million.

The FAA has issued strict new guidelines to prevent pilot fatigue.  Included are limits on the amount of consecutive hours allowed at the controls, more time off between flights and accumulating Mile High points no longer qualifies as a "nap."

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