MONDAY, January 30, 2012

Alumni, fans and supporters set aside two full days to mourn the death of legendary Penn State gridiron coach Joe Paterno.  In what's being called the most heartfelt remembrance since that for Vince Lombardi, college locker rooms across the nation shut off their showers for one minute.

According to the gay and lesbian news magazine The Advocate, Salt Lake City is the gayest city in the nation.  Evidence cited includes granting tax-free status to Ikea -- stats that show the city has more florists than "Starbucks" -- and the overnight success of "The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sings Broadway!"

Fans and critics alike agree that Dustin Hoffman is sensational as race track gambler "Ace" Bernstein in HBO's new mini-series "Luck."  The role was quite a stretch for him.  Dusty hasn't gambled this much since he checked into that
hotel with Mrs. Robinson.

Since the Tom Hanks-Max Von Sydow starrer "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" landed a Best picture Oscar nomination, box office receipts have soared.  When questioned, movie-goers said they had stayed away thinking the picture was a documentary about "The View."

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"Having spent twenty years writing for the indefatigable Bob Hope, and traveling all over the world, Bob Mills is well qualified to salute the famous corps of gag men who kept the comedian knee-deep in jokes. These first-hand recollections summon up the final phase of Hope’s career—and the end of the trail for an entire brand of show business."


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