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Students at a high school in Utah wanted to name their new football team the "Cougars" but their Mormon elders rejected  it as "too racy."  And that was the kids' second choice.  They knew their first pick wouldn't stand a chance: the
"Latter Day New Orleans Saints."

Archaeologists and zoologists agree that new evidence suggests that the dog was domesticated about 33,000 years ago.  And it wasn't easy for the cave men to walk their new dogs.  Since fire hydrants hadn't been invented yet, every so often they would have to find a cave and draw one on the wall.

Queen Elizabeth is getting a new yacht and Royal Navy sailors are now being trained on proper behavior aboard the new vessel.  For instance, in the presence of royalty the poop deck must be called the "defecation deck," scuttlebutt is "scuttle-derriere" and crew members must never mention Lady Gaga in the presence of the queen.

If you have a Facebook account, there's now an app that allows you to communicate with your followers after you die.  Just think how handy that could be.  If you die suddenly, you can send back for a change-of-clothes and toiletries.

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