TUESDAY, January 3, 2012

Police in Bethlehem rushed to  the Basilica of the Nativity after receiving reports that rival groups of Orthodox and Armenian clerics were fist fighting.  Apparently, both groups wanted to provide the Three Wise Men on Christmas Eve and couldn't agree on who would provide the myrrh.   

Ocean-going fans are signing up in droves for next summer's Carnival Cruise "Tides of Torture" which will showcase the top slasher movies of the past 20 years.  So far the most popular staterooms are on the "Ghoul Deck" and boast a full shower, a veranda and upper and lower coffins.

The Canadian high court has ordered a popular restaurant in Montreal to cease employing topless waitresses.  It's pretty much the same Hooters we're used to here in the states only up there, because of the French connection, it's pronounced "whoo-tairs."

The 16-day marriage of Sinead O'Conner did not go unnoticed by the Irish Parliament.  They've proposed a measure requiring that all marriages in the Emerald Isle last at least long enough to allow the best man to return his tux to the rental agency.

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