WEDNESDAY, October 5, 2011

A government audit revealed that last year the Justice Department spent $4 million for sweets and pastries served at conferences they hosted.  Wow.  Those have to be the most costly government tarts since Gary Hart's and Bill Clinton's.

The Utah state legislature passed a measure requiring saloon-owners to install barriers to separate bartenders from patrons.  Apparently it's a biblical requirement -- like their rule that all margarita glasses must be pre-salted in the Lake.  

Award-winning celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse has signed with the Hallmark Channel to host a new cooking show featuring haute cuisine of the South.  Hallmark will sponsor the as yet unnamed program, but they do have a motto -- "When You Care Enough to Deep-fry the Very Best."

Last week, Barack Obama was confronted by a heckler at LA's House of Blues.  American citizens from coast-to-coast were shocked.  With unemployment and the national debt at an all-time high, we have a president who's spending time in The House of Blues?

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