TUESDAY, November 1, 2011

Virgin Galactic Airlines' Sir Richard Branson is vowing to give his first civilian passengers an experience as close to a real astronaut's as possible -- hours of floating around weightless sipping Tang while wearing a custom-fitted space suit with a built-in catheter.

A public cleanliness survey conducted by Kleenex-maker Kimberly-Clark shows that handles on gas pumps contain more bacteria than public toilets.   That tub of dirty windshield squeegee water is highly suspect, too.  Last week, the one I was using had tadpoles in it.    

After being killed by anti-government rebels, the body of former Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi was put on display in a popular Tripoli shopping mall.  Quite a sight.  They propped him up between Mrs. Field's Cookies and The Gap which was running a sale on medals.

To help speed up their security check-in, the TSA has devised special tests for airline pilots -- walking a straight line, standing on one foot with their eyes closed while touching their nose, and blowing into a balloon.

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