THURSDAY, October 27, 2011

A letter written by Albert Einstein to a friend in New York recently sold for $40,000.  Its value is contained in what itdiscloses.  In it, the world-renowned physicist confesses that his Theory of Relativity was wrong. The formula should have read:  E=MC Hammer.

A badly discolored molar with a large cavity that once belonged to John Lennon will soon be up for
auction.  The certificate of Authenticity says it was extracted in Liverpool by his future wife who
was working at the time as "Painless Yoko."

Leaked reports from prison officials say Bernie Madoff has received life-threatening beatings from
his fellow convicts.  But they're being described as "Ponzi Beatings" -- big burly cons on the
bottom are constantly being relieved by crazed lifers on top so they can go on indefinitely.

The U.S. Labor Department has partnered with Facebook to link employment opportunities with
anxious job-seekers.  But the online opportunities aren't exactly primo -- escort services for women
and Guinea pigs in erectile dysfunction studies for men.

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