TUESDAY, October 11, 2011

Hard to believe that Orlando's Disney World is celebrating its 40th anniversary.  Staffers are in 24 -7 partying mode and the gifts to loyal employees are being opened with typical Disney glee -- including for Mickey Mouse another finger on each hand, for Minnie a pair of more stylish shoes and Pluto is sporting a new flea collar.

In his hometown in Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger, movie hero and former California governor, now has a museum dedicated in his honor.  It has three sections -- honoring his movie career, his political career -- and a special display of court subpoenas sponsored by the Domestic Workers of America.

British botanists and cardiologists have joined forces to develop a strain of "super-broccoli" that will help lower heart attack deaths in the UK.  But not nutritionally.  It has a stem that's digitally programmed to detect an abnormal arrhythmia and dial 911 on the victim's cell phone. 

Alarmed by the nationwide rise in childhood obesity, educators in Michigan have proposed a law that will require monthly weight monitoring of all school children.  Teachers should get ready for a new excuse -- "The dog ate my diet!"

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