WEDNESDAY, October 12, 2011

According to the Retailers Association, this year's most popular Halloween costumes are Snookie and a zombie.  One store is cashing in on the trend -- combining both into a getup they call the "Snombie" with plastic fangs that not only suck your blood but also test it for STDs.

During an interview on 60 Minutes, New York police Commissioner Ray Kelly  disclosed that his department now has the capability of bringing down an airliner by ground-to-air missile.  You have to admit that New York's Boys in Blue have come a long way since "Car 54, Where Are You?"

All major airlines will reduce their number of flights next year.  Which means fewer flight attendants, fewer ticket agents and reservations clerks on duty.  It also means fewer pilot pre-flight pick-me-ups at the airport cocktail lounge.  The National Association of Distillers has already appealed to the F.A.A.

With decades of experience designing sympathy and get-well cards, Hallmark has expanded their line into cards for those who have recently lost jobs.  Most are received by the newly-unemployed with appreciation -- with the possible exception of the pink ones.

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