THURSDAY, October 20, 2011

After months of legal wrangling, all of which was covered extensively on the sports pages, Dodger owners Frank and Jamie McCourt have arrived at a settlement.  Must be a religious connotation to this.  During a recent Dodger game, white smoke rose over the Cardinal dugout.

In Montreal, 100-year old British runner Fauja Singh became the oldest person in history to complete a marathon.   That's the good news.  The bad news is he was disqualified for using a cane.

The Bronx Zoo has an exhibit featuring the world's rarest insects and rodents.  It's mainly popular among the millions of tourists who flock to New York each year.  Native New Yorkers don't need to travel to the zoo to examine bugs -- they can just look at their sheets.

A study commissioned by the National Highway Safety Council shows that new teenage drivers face a 50% greater chance of wrecking the family car during their first month behind the wheel.  Which finally explains the sudden rash of girls quitting high school to marry tow-truck drivers.

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