TUESDAY, October 18, 2011

California governor Jerry Brown has signed a law that provides college subsidies to children of illegal aliens.  It was either that or see his lawns go unmowed, his pool go unskimmed, his favorite restaurant table go uncleared, his vegetables go unpicked, his pizzas go undelivered, his. . .

Alabama drug enforcement officials were stunned when they busted a female crack cocaine dealer who turned out to be 80-years old.  Unfortunately, she already had a rap sheet that includes drug possession and distribution and three convictions for felony Bingo fraud.

The U.S. government is now stuck with 248,000 foreclosed Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac-financed homes.  No doubt about it, Fanny and Freddy left a trail of destruction behind them that makes Bonnie and Clyde look like Donny and Marie.

The former police chief of crime-ridden Oakland, California has taken a security job at Harvard University.  He's going from drive-by shootings and drug deal murders to wearing socks with Sperry Top-Siders and seersucker after September 1. 

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