THURSDAY, October 6, 2011

American exchange student Amanda Knox has been freed after spending four years in an Italian prison on a murder conviction.  Emerging from her dank cell into the bright Rome sunshine, she told reporters the first thing she plans to do is take a long, leisurely hike along the Iran-Iraq border.

The new baseball film "Moneyball" is about building a team with players who get on base a lot, not necessarily those who hit home runs.  But the fans want the home run hitters.  It would be like hiring romantic leads from a pool of guys who only get the bra strap undone.

Steven Spielberg is writing and directing a film based on the life of Abraham Lincoln.  According to those who've read the script, he's integrating past successes into the plot.  For instance, Abe is now assassinated by a Great White while he and his wife are watching the Aqua Show at Sea World.

Does NBA Commissioner David Stern realize the impact his threat to cancel next year's season means?  Nike will have to stop making $195 basketball shoes -- Jack Nicholson may have to go back to Angelica Houston --- and without Kobe Bryant, De Beers says they'll have to declare bankruptcy.

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