WEDNESDAY, May 25, 2011

California governor Jerry Brown will host Prince William and Duchess Kate during their state visit in July.  His aides say there’s some confusion about curtsying. That’s ridiculous.  I know Jerry and he doesn’t care if Kate curtsies or not.

The South Carolina Legislature is considering a bill that would make gold and silver coins legal currency.  Let’s hope they didn’t notice the opening grosses of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.”   They’ll add dubloons.

NBC will debut a 60s era drama set in Chicago entitled “The Playboy Club.”  Hugh Hefner is acting as a consultant on the new series which isn’t easy at his age.  He needs a double dose of Viagra just to tweak his memory of it.

Miss Wisconsin was asked to return her winner’s sash to Miss USA officials after a rap sheet showing a conviction for identity theft surfaced.  The talent portion of the contest should have raised suspicions.  She did an impression of Lindsay Lohan shopping.

A team of French scientists determined that children of the Mundurucu tribe in the Amazon, without formal training, understand geometry as well as their French and U.S. counterparts.  They understand complex concepts like the hypotenuse of triangles and right angles and when stumped reply, “A monkey ate my homework.” 

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