MONDAY, May 9, 2011

Mel Gibson’s new movie “The Beaver” is being panned by critics.  In it, Mel uses a hand puppet to channel his problems.  The beaver is the first anti-Semitic hand puppet since Shari Lewis’s Lamb Chop admitted she wasn’t kosher.

“Judge Judy” Sheindlin, longtime queen of the video bench, has re-signed with CBS to dispense TV justice through 2015.  She had only one competitor who qualified for the job, but dodged the bullet by committing Paula Abdul to a mental institution.

Attempting to reverse plummeting sales, struggling Wal-Mart will once again offer handguns for sale.  More difficult to qualify now, though.  Along with the government-required background check, you have to win a quick-draw contest with the store’s elderly greeter. 

Police in Cincinnati recently had to use a taser gun on a nude man who was running around threatening people.  They charged him with indecent exposure, creating a public nuisance and assault with a dead weapon.  

Shooting “Jersey Shore” in Italy has presented problems the producers didn’t anticipate.  And then some.   Snooki apparently doesn’t translate well.  The Italians working on the set have nicknamed her “Il Duce.”

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