MONDAY, May 2, 2011

Newlyweds William and Kate have revealed some of their wedding gifts.  The Queen gave her grandson a jeweled regimental sword from the Crimean War and she gave Kate a pair of Burmudas -- designer shorts from Donna Karin and the actual island.

A book dealer found a rare 500-year old book in a Salt Lake City attic.  Lexicographers believe it’s a copy of the only cookbook ever written by William Shakespeare -- “Omelette.“    

According to a survey conducted by Psychology Today Magazine, people living in Denmark are overall the happiest humans on earth.  Contrary to popular belief, absolutely nothing seems to be rotten there.

Bowing to Michelle Obama’s campaign to improve kids’ diets, AMC Theaters have promised to provide healthier snacks at the concession counter.  And none too soon.   Not long ago, theater owners considered a healthy snack anything that kids couldn’t stick under the seats.

During his speech accepting the mantle of power from his brother, Raul Castro thanked John Kennedy for putting his country on the map.  Until JFK, the only “Bay of Pigs” anyone had ever heard of was the Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage processing plant in San Francisco.

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