THURSDAY, May 5, 2011

In an upcoming biopic, Lindsay Lohan will play the daughter of mobster “Teflon Don” John Gotti.  To prepare her for the role, producers asked nurses at the Betty Ford to convince her she was in the Witness Protection Program.

A 90-year old woman in San Diego, California is selling mail-order suicide kits for $60.  When her age was revealed, most people were shocked.  Who would have guessed there was a Mrs. Kevorkian?

Beating out Ford and a Turkish auto company, Nissan has been awarded a billion dollar ten-year contract to provide taxicabs for the City of New York.  Design features include a sight-seeing sunroof, an I-Pad plug-in and a more private “snuggle seat” for hookers and their clients.  

A Los Angeles motorist escaped injury when he plowed his car through a Del Taco restaurant, ending up in the kitchen.  Police credited his driver’s side air bag and three bean and onion burritos.

The citizens of Antoona, Pennsylvania were paid $25,000 to temporarily change the name of the city to help promote Morgan Spurlock’s new movie.  They’re getting spoiled.  They already collected $50,000 for naming the city Altoona.
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