THURSDAY, May 19, 2011

Aging 70s bopper idols Donny and Marie Osmond are about to release their first duo album in 30 years which they have high hopes will launch a new craze -- Hot Flash Dancing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in his first post-statehouse film entitled “Cry Macho” about a trainer who kidnaps his employer’s horse.  Warner Bros. thought it would be a pretty safe bet.  How could he grope a horse?  

As if he needed more bodyguards, Prince William now rates an additional protective detail from Scotland Yard.  Over the weekend, Queen Elizabeth formally declared his bald spot a British Protectorate.  

Rumors are rampant that John Travolta, co-starring with Lindsay Lohan as her father in “The John Gotti Story,” is trying to recruit her into Scientology.  Actually she’s a natural.  She’s already made a science out of grand larceny.

To the relief of friends, Whitney Houston has voluntarily checked herself into drug rehab.  She realized she needed help when she read a Vanity Fair article in which she told an interviewer she was named after her grandfather who invented the cotton gin.

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