THURSDAY, May 26, 2011

Anti-fox hunting advocates were hoping Queen Elizabeth would condemn the cruelty of fox hunting during her recent visit to Ireland.  Not likely as it’s a centuries-old tradition that spawned the riddle:  Name two things that smell like sweaty royals and their horses after a fox hunt?  Barns and nobles.

The GOP’s newest candidate is former governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty.  Among former governors, shouldn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger be the one with “paw” in his name?

Dick Cheney’s new book about his eight years as vice president in the Bush administration really brings back vivid memories.  Getting through it is almost like being water-boarded yourself.

During an interview on 60-Minutes, A former teammate of Lance Armstrong accused the seven-time Tour de France winner of injecting performance-enhancing steroids.  According to Lance, the substance was Preparation-H he needed to use those narrow seats.    

The Ohio Legislature is considering a bill to legalize concealed firearms at sporting events.  Which is great news for the Ohio State football program.  Now their mascot “Pecos Pete” will be able to use real pistols during his sideline routines.

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