TUESDAY, May 3, 2011

To cash in on the latest Windsor Clan romance, PBS is producing an eight-part mini-series based on Kate Middleton's pursuit of Prince William as she received advice and encouragement from a group of close school chums.  Watch for it.  They're calling it "Middlesex And the City."

New York's Radio City Music Hall hosted the NFL Draft Pick ceremony in which first pick went to the Carolina Panthers who chose top college QB Cam Newton.  They came close to blowing it.  The Panthers General Manager got so excited, he wrote down "Olivia Newton-John."

The fallout from Action Comics' announcement that their Krypton-born superhero Superman is renouncing his American citizenship is already being felt.  Clark Kent now relates so closely to his fellow undocumented aliens, he's given up phone booths, preferring to don his tights and cape in a Home Depot parking lot.

For the first time in the long history of higher education in America, women receiving college degrees outnumber men.  The custom of tossing mortarboards into the air at graduation hasn't changed, but now they sail much higher -- the gals are using their bras and garter belts as slingshots.

Paul Newman’s 1963 VW Bug with a 300 horsepower Ford engine and a five-speed gearbox is being offered for sale at $250,000.  True it’s a bit pricy, but the new owner will save at the gas pump.  The car runs on salad dressing.

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