WEDNESDAY, April 27, 2011

On CNN’s new show “In the Arena,” host Elliott Spitzer accused Donald Trump of “greatly exaggerating his wealth.”  Not really the guy to evaluate worth.  Isn’t he the one who thinks a night’s entertainment is worth $5000? 

Amid the DA’s allegations that Lindsay Lohan isn’t taking her legal problems seriously, the court sentenced her to four months in jail.  Could be extended, though.  After Lindsay left the courtroom, the judge discovered that his gavel, the stenographer’s rubber fingers and the bailiff’s handcuffs were missing.

Norio Ohga, the SONY executive generally credited with inventing the compact disc has died in Tokyo at age 81.  Aside from making concert-hall sound available to the masses, he single-handedly made the terms “rip” and “burn” respectable.

Beset with problems from performance enhancing drugs to inept owners, Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig confirmed that fan attendance is way down so far this season. We should have seen the handwriting on the center field wall when the Dodgers launched “Bankruptcy Night.”

Standard & Poors has set the total worth of Facebook at $65 billion.  And that may be low balling.  Last week, someone spotted Bill Gates skimming Mark Zuckerberg’s swimming pool.
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