THURSDAY, April 21, 2011

The cast of the hit 1960s sitcom “Happy Days” has filed a $40 million law suit against CBS to recover royalties from products using the show’s theme.  The cast became suspicious when Donald Trump confessed on “Meet the Press” that he pays CBS a license fee to use Fonzi’s hair. 

Fans were shocked when police identified ten people charged with fixing University of San Diego basketball games.  As if Cooperstown weren’t enough, now it looks like Pete Rose will be barred from the NCAA Hall of Fame, too.

A Chinese actor in Hong Kong recently set a record by dying in five separate soap operas during the same week.  Most difficult part was learning to breathe through his ears preparing for the five wakes.

Computer users who were supposed to be preparing their taxes at the Los Angeles Main Public Library were banished to a special porn section when the librarian noticed they were watching x-rated videos.   They almost got away with it, too.  They were all on a website called TurboSex.com

After falling the previous week, Kirsty Alley received tips from John Travolta while she was rehearsing for “Dancing With the Stars.”  Who better than a 767 pilot and celebrity spokesperson for QUANTAS to give her advice on landing something that unwieldy.

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