THURSDAY, April 7, 2011

A dot com billionaire from the former Soviet Union paid a record price -- $100 million -- for a home in Los Altos Hills, CA., or, as such digs are commonly referred to by the Russian mafia -- a “fixer-upper.”

The Sierras recorded a record 60-feet of snow this year with upscale homes around Lake Tahoe completely buried.  It got so cold at the Cal-Neva Lodge last week, conventioneers were paying hookers extra just to blow on their fingers.

CBS news thrush Katie Couric has announced that she’ll be exiting the nightly anchor chair when her current contract expires.  There’s a valuable lesson to be learned here.  Once you make Sarah Palin look stupid on national television, your career is over -- it may take awhile, but it’s toast.

PBS has signed famed documentarian Ken Burns to produce a ten-part series on the Vietnam War.  It won’t be quite like his docus on the “Civil War” and “Baseball.”  Jane Fonda will narrate and it will only be shown in Canada.

“Harry & David,” once the trend-setters in mail-order catalogue gift baskets, is calling it quits after watching their once soaring profits tank.  Not that there weren’t plenty of telltale signs:
1)  Customers were throwing the dried fruit away and eating the straw.
2)  FedEx drivers no longer relied on the “damaged” cartons for lunch.
3)  Lady Gaga began using the hard salami as casual wear. 
4)  Hilton Hotel managers were using the cheese tray as bait to catch bedbugs.
5)  Harry and David finally admitted that their real names are Osama and Moammar.
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