MONDAY, April 11, 2011

The Reelz channel finally aired the eight-part mini-series titled "The Kennedys," which had been rejected by the major cable channels for historical inaccuracies.  Producers cleverly left the door open for a sequel.  In the final scene, Lee Harvey Oswald misses.
Latest addition to the Las Vegas Strip is the new "Museum of Organized Crime," a tribute to the mobsters who founded the desert oasis.  Along with exhibits, visitors get tickets to a lounge show entitled "Hallelujah Bugsy Siegel!"
Disney executives have broken ground on a new theme park in Shanghai, China.  Localized attractions will include "Pluto's Pagoda Palace," "Main Street M.S.G.," and "Snow White and the Gang of Seven."
Guards at the New Jersey State Prison caught visitors trying to smuggle in drugs hidden in a child's coloring book.  You think you had trouble as a kid staying within the lines.  Try it when the lines keep disappearing.
Los Angeles Raiders wide receiver Louis Murphy has been charged with attempting to purchase Viagra without a prescription.   Unlike Barry Bonds, he decided to use a performance enhancing drug to make only one thing bigger.

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