FRI, SAT, SUN, April 29, 30, May 1, 2011

Security at the Prince William-Kate Middleton wedding was tighter than anyone could have predicted.  Everyone was searched and had to pass through Westminster Abbey’s metal detector.  Luckily, the queen has footmen so removing her shoes was no problem.

As its market share continues to plummet, cellular phone maker Nokia has announced it's laying off 7000 employees.  So that no one would hear about the cutbacks second-hand, management set up a conference call and had Donald Trump announce "You're fired!"

As part of her community service, Lindsay Lohan has to perform janitorial duties at the LA County Morgue.  On a brighter note, she finally found out why her agent hasn’t called her in seven years.  Seems she was cleaning out one of the drawers, and. . .

A 21-year old man drove his car off the rim of the Grand Canyon plunging 200 feet down before the car lodged in a tree growing out of the cliff.  Out of habit, Toyota apologized.

Researchers in Uppsala, Sweden determined that birds living in urban environments develop bigger brains than their rural counterparts.  Also, thanks to the ready availability of statues to practice on, their aim is 46.3% more accurate.

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