WEDNESDAY, April 13, 2011

Security at the Prince William-Kate Middleton nuptials will be the tightest since the prince Charles princess Diana wedding.  Hundreds of uniformed Bobbies will join undercover agents from MI-5 and plainclothes Beefeaters carrying concealed M-16s. And if that weren’t enough, guests outside the cathedral will be asked to toss puffed rice.

Donald Trump keeps creeping up in the polls and is now is so popular among Republican voters, Sarah Palin may become his running-mate.  He told friends he’s confident he can win -- not the office, the actual White House.  He plans to tear it down to make room for a 66- story condominium complex for Republicans to be called “Trumpatopia.”

Egyptologists believe they have discovered the remains of the earliest gay man ever found.  They reached this conclusion after noticing that the furniture in his crypt had been rearranged numerous times and the entire decor had the unmistakable earmarks of an accomplished interior decorator.

A computer software manufacturer in Great Britain is seeking employees who are willing to work naked.  No telling yet whether it will affect output but one thing’s for sure – there won’t be any floppy discs in that workplace.

A federal court has ruled that Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss cannot undo a 2008 settlement agreement they signed with Mark Zuckerberg awarding them $20 million and part ownership of Facebook.  The judge did, however, compliment them on how much they look like the actors who played them in “Social Network.”   

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