TUESDAY, April 26, 2011

On Sunday, following a centuries-old sacred ritual, thousands of pilgrims from many nations all over the globe excitedly gathered to follow a time-honored and hallowed tradition.  But enough about Prince William's wedding.

Two men paid a new York cabbie $5,000 to drive them 2448 miles to Los Angeles from LaGuardia Airport.  The record-setting journey burned through 111 tanks of gas, 30 quarts of oil and 594 Christmas tree air-fresheners.

Believed to be a first, a popular fitness gym near Madrid has received permission from city health officials to offer classes in the nude.  Members who are prone to embarrass easily are allowed to wear specially-designed spandex fig leaves from Speedo.

A survey by the National Automobile Club shows that most Americans  believe that drivers reaching age 80 should be re-tested behind the wheel.  Starting with a test to confirm that  they can still see over it.

A survey conducted by USA Today reveals that only 45% of employable Americans actually have jobs.  Not having a job not only makes it difficult to buy things, but even worse, people don't know what to print on the back of their bowling shirt.  

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