MONDAY, April 18, 2011

Filming in New Orleans, Nicholas Cage was jailed for public drunkenness and was released the next day.  Well, not exactly.  While sobering up, he accidentally dislodged a brick in his cell exposing an ancient talisman secreted there during the reign of Louis XIV.  Uttering the magic words, a flaming motorcycle suddenly appeared upon which he rode out while his astonished jailers stood by helplessly.   

The producers of “Jersey Shore” decided to shut down production in Rome after the cast demanded a raise in pay.  That was what they told the press.  Real reason:  Snooki was having an affair with Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi.

Four drug smugglers died when their plane packed with ten tons of cocaine crashed in the West African jungle.  Investigators have determined that the crash was caused by an air-controller at Ghana International who fell asleep while waiting for his supplier.

A husband and wife golfing together in Rio both scored a hole-in-one on the same hole.  Unfortunately, only golf scores posted by men are recognized under Brazilian law.  A hole-in-one made by a female is referred to as “a birdie with an explanation.”

Rather than undergo drug testing with his new team Tampa Bay, former Dodger bad boy Manny Ramirez has hung up his spikes.  On a more positive note, his corn rows have been retired and placed on display in Cooperstown.

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