WEDNESDAY, March 6, 2013

GERIATRIC DOT COM -- An Internet user who was born in 1909 complained when her Facebook page had only years that went back to 1910.  Actually, it's not called Facebook when you're that old -- it's called "Face It, Your Time's About Up Book."

BEAKED -- The popular computer game "Farmville" will soon become an animated reality show.   It will replace the show based on Angry Birds that had to be abandoned by the Game Show Network when the ornithologist host turned his back on the cast and was pecked to death. 

RETURN TO SENDER -- Prompting outcries from mail recipients from coast-to-coast, the U. S. Postal Service says it has no choice but to cancel Saturday deliveries.  Probably a mistake.  Don't forget this is the same brain trust who bet a bundle on Lance Armstrong. 

ULTERIOR MOTIVE -- Los Angeles is boasting that it's the first major city in the country to coordinate their traffic signals.  Has nothing to do with safety, though.  The TV networks paid for the synchronization to keep ratings up for those high-speed chases that no one can seem to tear themselves away from.

'TIS TRUE -- Twitter has added a new feature that enables users to locate Tweets that are a week old.  Actually, the proper name for a Tweet that's a week or more old is "Twat."


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