THURSDAY, March 7, 2012

PENAL PIGSKIN -- Florida's Atlantic University named its football stadium after a company that runs private prisons which could change the outcomes of games played there.  For instance, in the event of sudden death overtime, each team may appeal to the state Supreme Court under its capital punishment law.

COME ON DOWN -- Florida residents have been stunned by a recent series of sink holes that somehow manage to swallow up not only human beings but valuable properties due to unstable earth conditions.   In California, the closest thing we have to a sinkhole is NBC.

DUTCH TREAT -- A Dutch University lecturer was relieved of his duties after a porn video was broadcast campus-wide along with his lecture.  He couldn't deny the video had been shot in Holland.  All the guys were wearing nothing but wooden shoes.

THEOLOGICAL THREADS -- Pat Robertson was asked whether people who buy clothes at Goodwill can inherit evil spirits lurking within the fabric.  He assured the questioner that the only way clothes can bring hell's eternal damnation is if the buyer falls into the Gap.

MONKEY SLAPPED -- Known for its popular courses in sex education, Allegheny College now has two masturbation instructors on staff.  Part of recent attempts by the administration to make their sex classes more "hands on."

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