SUN, MON, March 17, 18, 2013

MIDNIGHT BODY OIL -- The results of a confidential survey taken at Yale found that almost 10% admitted to having sold sex on campus.  Co-ed hookers aren't called "women of the evening" --  They're called "women of the the all-nighter." 

CHUMP CHANGE -- Baltimore Raven QB Joe Flacco signed for a record $20 million a year for six years.  Sounds like a bundle but the record probably won't stand for long.  Pope Francis has the same agent and just wait until his salary is announced.

TOE-TAPPER -- The New York Jets recently auditioned a highly-regarded female place kicker who proceeded to execute a 13-footer.  Too bad the coaches were too embarrassed to suggest she wait for a tail wind.

BA-AWAH -- The first presidential press conference occurred one hundred years ago this week during Woodrow Wilson's administration.  It went well until a cub reporter with NBC News asked the president if he'd guest on a show she was pitching -- Barbara Walters didn't get Wilson, but she did sell "The View."  

DOUBLE DIGITS -- The tech world is abuzz over the new Samsung Galaxy S-4 phone which can follow your eyes and pause movies when you look away.  It takes commands with the wave of a finger and if you're giving the finger to your server, it automatically dials AT&T.  

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