THURSDAY, March 14, 2013

FEE-FI-HO-HUM -- Warner Bros. $200 million "Jack the Giant Slayer" took in a paltry $27.2 million on its opening weekend and dipped 63% its second week to $10 million.  How come?  Child psychologists theorize that kids' aversion to vegetables is so strong, they can't even stand to look at a bean stalk.  

IRONED OUT -- Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson is touring with his one-man show "Undisputed Truth," in which he recounts his life story in gory, hardscrabble detail.  Afterwards, he signs photos in the lobby and for an extra $25 will nibble your ear.
JUDD NOT LEST THOU BE JUDDED -- Judging from the millions Karl Rove has spent to smear Ashley Judd, her hints that she may run against Mitch McConnell in '14 has GOP honchos worried.  Even staunch Rovites concede her candidacy would carry a lot of weight among Democrats -- her pro-choice stance, her popularity in Kentucky, her sister Wynona...

zzzzZZZ -- Manhattan's Benjamin Hotel now offers VIP guests sleep-inducing pillows and a "sleep concierge" who comes to your room at bedtime to help induce slumber.  Best part of the service is -- no tip.  By the time he leaves, you're too groggy to reach for your wallet.


BEEP BEEP -- Ashton Kutcher will play Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie.   The film is said to be so accurate, the head-to-head battle for the tech champ title that pitted Jobs against Microsoft's Bill Gates is being compared to the Roadrunner and the coyote.    


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