SUN, MON, March 10, 11, 2013

OMMMMMM -- A study commissioned by Meet at the airport dot com found that Orlando's International Airport lounge is the most fertile ground for those seeking to hook up.  In the study, 64% of the participants scored while the remaining 36% were approached by, and became, a Hari Krishna.

MANE MEAL -- Waking from the worst fast food company's nightmare, traces of horse meat have been found in Taco Bell's tacos.   The discovery was made by pure luck when someone noticed that customers who regularly ordered tacos often requested a cube of sugar with them.

STOP PAYMENT -- People were shocked when a Texas sperm donor sued the bank for causing his deposit to reach the wrong girl.  Happens quite frequently actually, but usually the girl is your ex-wife who got the house, the car, and custody of the kid.

DIAMOND LANE -- Lindsay Lohan has signed for a part on Charlie Sheen's TV series "Anger Management."  Should work out beautifully.  They can carpool to from a club to make their 7 am makeup and hair call.

THOU SHALT SELL -- The History Channel's Bible series clobbered its competition.  Did get a little weird, though.  In keeping with the new trend to integrate commercials within the stories themselves, when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments the tablets had Apple logos on them.

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