TUESDAY, March 5, 2013

SEASON TO TASTE -- Montana may legalize roadkill consumption.   No big deal in Texas.  The Dodge Truck Division in Austin  already offers a built-in engine block barbecue grill that automatically scoops up the blacktop entrees, cleans, bastes and turns the meat every 15 minutes ready for eatin' on arrival at the cowboy bar.

G'DAY MATE -- Hobbyests in Australia are building spy drones from kits designed after American drones used against al Quaida.  But not for what you might think.  Adultry is not rampant Down Under. but it seems the drones are being used to catch people tying other peoples' kangaroos down.


PRO BONO -- An attorney visiting a client in the San Diego County Jail was accidentally locked in with the regular inmates until being discovered during the evening bed count.  Was he appriciative?  Yeah, right.  He's already filed a claim against the county for five hours' salary as a guard. 

AUTOGRAPH HOUND -- Biggest problem lurking for Obama's newest Cabinet member, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, appears to be his signature that will appear on U.S. currency.  It looks like a doctor's prescription -- just a series of zeros in a long line.  Which is perfect.  That's just about what U.S. currency is worth these days.


NOOSE -- Burger King has partnered with ZeptoLab to launch a game called "Cut the Rope" where a character named Om Nom travels back in time.  In response, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will produce a game called "Cut the Clogged Coronary Artery" caused by too many visits to Burger King. 

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