WEDENESDAY, March 20, 2013

SHALOM -- Hoping to avoid GOP charges that he's just taking another vacation, President Obama flew to Israel for his first official state visit as president traveling with only essential aides --  his chief-of-staff, a press secretary, three Secret Service agents and his Yiddish coach, Jackie Mason.

VALOR FROM AFAR -- Some hardened combat veterans are not pleased with the Pentagon's new drone pilot medal that ranks above those earned in hand-to-hand combat.  Hold on there, Sarge.  These Air Force drone jockies face plenty of danger --  between shifts, they have to walk around Colorado unarmed.

WALK A MILE -- The U.S. State Department has issued warnings that Arab-Spring-torn Egypt is the most dangerous tourist destination in the Middle East.  Visitors to Cairo are warned to be vigilant against muggers and pickpockets.  Drive-by camel shootings can occur with virtually no warning -- camels have no hoofs.

TAKES A BEATING -- North Korea now claims they have developed nuclear technology that will allow them to hide a nuclear device, fully armed, in an ordinary suitcase.  And Samsonite thought they were testing their luggage when they had gorillas toss them around.

RAG WRAPS -- Once the bible of Hollywood show biz, the 108-year old daily Variety will no longer publish a print version.  Potential starlets are beside themselves -- if they can't see who's reading Variety in Cantor's and Nate 'n' Al's, how will they know who to sleep with?

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