FRI, SAT, March 8, 9, 2013

FUNNY MONEY -- Fearing a U.S. financial collapse, the state of Virginia may issue its own currency.  They figure they can save on minting costs, too.  Already they're buying up old Las Vegas slot machine tokens.  Okay, so the have a portrait of Wayne Newton, but still...   

GOODBYE MR. CHIP --  In London, Parliament has decreed that all dogs must have an identity chip implanted under their skin by 2016.  Good luck with enforcing that.  Brits avoid even taking their pets to a dentist.

SWEET DEAL -- The Royal Belgium Mail Service has issued postage stamps with chocolate-flavored glue.  May not catch on, though.  They only come in two-pound boxes, gift-wrapped.

MUSH -- The most demanding dog-sled race in the world, Alaska's Iditarod, is underway.  Already three disqualifications.  Scruffy, Nip and Skeeter tested positive for performance enhancing Gravy Train. 

EARTH ORBIT -- Before NASA quit the space business, it was developing a Hindenburg style blimp to carry people.  Would have been profitable, too.  When not ferrying passengers, it could have helped televise sports events and appeared in those Re-Max commercials.

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Bob is grateful to the Los Angeles Comedy Awards for their honoring his lifetime achievements -- one of the biggest of which is receiving the award.  Thanks to presenter Fraser Smith and to Max Worthington, producer.

THANKS FOR THE MEMORY -- The hills are alive with the sound of Julie Andrews who appeared on a Bob Hope Special honoring the Pink Panther.  You can view over 550 classic vintage video clips of Bob Hope Specials available nowhere else!  Each are dated the year they originally aired on NBC from the 1977-78 season to 1991-92.  Included are segments from 1978's "Bob Hope Down Under" from Perth, Australia and 1979's "Bob Hope in China" taped in Peking and Shanghai (with Mikhail Baryshnikov).  Take a trip down Memory Lane that you won't soon forget!

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