TUESDAY, March 26, 2013

*PETER PAIR -- Faced with daunting problems that include Vatican money laundering and priest pedophilia, incoming  Pope Francis met with retired pope Benedict who at times  seemed disoriented.  For instance, when they parted, he congratulated Francis for replacing Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.

 JUSTICE DOT COM -- Los Angeles now allows e-mailed police reports.  The D.A. can then indict the defendant on Twitter, conduct a lineup on his Facebook wall, try the case using Skype and, on a guilty verdict, allow the defendant to choose a prison on Teavelosity.com.

RIGGED FLIGHT DECK -- A 61-year old Frenchman boarded a U.S. Airways plane at the Philadelphia Airport, seated himself in the cockpit, claiming he was the pilot.  What raised suspicion was his preflight cocktail order -- he asked for pretzels and U.S. Air forbids their pilots from eating within a half hour of departure.    


HOME AGAIN -- On his way to Jordan, the final stop on his Middle East tour, a sandstorm forced President Obama to motorcade to Bethlehem where he was escorted on a tour of the Church of the Nativity. Reports say he seemed genuinely touched when he paused briefly at the manger where he was born.

THIS IS YOUR PILOT TEXTING -- At airports with unmanned air traffic control towers due to budget cuts, pilots are allowed to use their I-Pads to check the Weather Channel for wind velocity, alert nearby pilots on their Facebook page, and notify the passengers of altitude and arrival time by inviting them into his google chat room.    

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