THURSDAY, December 1, 2011

Drug Enforcement agents discovered a long, fully-ventilated tunnel being used to smuggle marijuana into San Diego.  Now it's being put to lawful use.  After the pot was removed, commuters began using it as an alternative to the bumper-to-bumper 405.

The National league cellar-dwelling Huston Astros will relocate next season to the American League.  Forget the designated hitter rule.  What they're really hoping for are some designated WINS.

The Christmas Season is now in full swing and even the Salvation Army is feeling the effects of the recession.  They're so short of bell-ringers, they had to ask the Defense Department for some whistle-blowers.

Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola confided to an interviewer that he regrets making all those Corleone family sequels.   While he was at it, he apologized to PETA for cutting off the head of a real horse in`the first one.

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