THURSDAY, November 17, 2011

GOP hopefuls Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain all claim they decided to run after God told them to. Well, now we know what God was doing instead of keeping his eye on the Penn State coaching staff.

Michelle Bachmann told reporters that she doesn't consider water boarding torture and thinks the CIA should do more of it.  In fact, she said she even tried it once on vacation in Waikiki but kept wiping out.

A professional rugby player in the UK is claiming that he had a stroke that made him turn gay.  Not likely when you examine the circumstances.  He had the stroke when someone told him that Bette Midler was retiring.

Duke University hoop legend Mike Krzyzewski has tied Bobby Knight for career coaching wins.  They have lots in common.  Knight was known for throwing chairs across the court.  Mike is famous for doing it while a player was still sitting in it.

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