THANKSGIVING DAY November 24, 2001

A government auditor's report shows that the U.S. Postal Service lost a whopping $5.1 billion last year.  The breakdown shows that $1.8 billion went for salaries, $2.6 billion for vehicle maintenance and $700,000 for pepper spray.

A frequent flier has filed a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines over their refusal to honor free drink coupons he's accumulated over the past several years.  I sympathize with the guy but I wish the airlines would just pay their pilots a regular salary like they used to.

Bob Barker told a Congressional committee investigating animal cruelty that circus trainers punish their elephants by making them dance on tiny foot stools.  Hey, Bob, is that any worse than forcing women to stand around pretending to be using household appliances?

A Maine couple age 88 and 87 who met in a nursing home have requested a marriage license from the County Registrar.  If you'd like to send them a gift, they're registered at Bed With Side Rails, Bath & Beyond.

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