MONDAY, November 7, 2011

Thick dense fog is being blamed for a horrendous pileup on the thruway outside London that demolished 37 automobiles, lorries and motorcycles.  Americans expressed total shock at the devastation.  No one suspected that the court would allow Lindsay Lohan to leave the country.

Cher is reportedly upset at the "Dancing With the Stars" judges who made fun of Chaz.  Can't blame her.  She's afraid it might harm sales of a new single she'll soon release honoring her son's sex-change operation -- "I Got Rid of You, Babe." 

New York City's Nighthawk Cinema is the first theater in the state to offer patrons cocktails during screenings.  The price may discourage sales, though -- there's a 20-bags of popcorn minimum.

Pro golfer Erik Compton convinced the P.G.A. to allow him to join the Tour even though he's had two heart transplants.  They made an exception to the 14-club-per-bag maximum.  He'll be allowed to carry two paddles.

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