TUESDAY, November 29, 2011

Meryl Streep is getting good buzz for her role as Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady."  The title had to be cleaned up to please the American censors.  In Spanish-speaking nations, it's called "Cajonas en 10 Avenita Downing."

Upscale clothier Benetton was forced to withdraw a print ad showing Pope Benedict XVI kissing a Muslim cleric on the lips after Catholics complained.  And that was the scaled-down version.  In the first version, they used an altar boy.

Italian is such an expressive language.  For instance, "paterno" in Italian means "father figure."  Joe must have been that and more to Coach Sandusky.  Almost every weekend, he gave him the keys to the shower room.

Figures compiled by the Census Department show that a college degree today is worth about $1 million over the life of its recipient.  That's nothing.  The ones that NBA players were supposed to get but didn't are worth a hundred times that much.

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