MONDAY, November 21, 2011

The NBA lockout is having devastating effects on businesses that rely on the regularly-scheduled games like restaurants, hotels, and auto-rental agencies.  Without the usual player traffic, Big Five reported a 67% drop in the sale of hand-gun ammo.  

There are now over 500 Starbucks in China.  They're just as over-priced as ours, but over there if you're a little short they'll give you a low-interest loan to cover the balance.

According to the Journal Nature, woolly mammoths coexisted with native Americans as late as 6000 years ago.  Actually, they got along pretty well.  Any Indian who could survive the shearing ended up in an expensive-looking designer suit.

Stung by the toxic mortgages scandal and beset by declining revenues, Citigroup will be forced to cashier over 3000 longtime employees.  They'll also be changing their name to Citi Skeleton Crew.

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