TUESDAY, December 27, 2011

Evidence is emerging that North Korean President Kim Jung Il may have been assassinated by the Army or by his son, Kim Jong, Jr..  Even worse, CIA photo analysts say the body shown lying in state may actually have been that of Marty Allen.

Big year for film pooches.  In "Young Adult," Charlese Theron travels with her Pomeranian, the gendarme in "Hugo" patrols with a vicious Great Dane, and the leading man in "The Artist" is followed around by a Charles Russell terrier.  All are up for this year's Irving Thalberg "Kibbles 'N' Bits Award" at the Oscars.

A predator drone like the one flown over Iran was used to expose ranchers stealing cattle in North Dakota.  That's the good news.  The bad news is the drone was later shot down by agents of the National Cattle Rustlers Association and now officials fear they'll reverse engineer it.

New York Yankees diamond wizard Derek Jeter reportedly pays bimbos he's picked up for one-night-stands with a pre-autographed baseball.  Although, he claims it doesn't work very well on road trips.  The balls usually roll off the dresser and wake them up. 

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