WEDNESDAY, November 21, 2012

TURKEY DAY -- Following the lead of Target, K Mart and Staples, most major retailers will stage a late sale on Thanksgiving Day. Bed, Bath and Beyond is going one step further.  They're changing their name on Thanksgiving only to "Bed, Bath and a Butterball."

MUSIC LESSON -- A study on sexuality conducted by researchers at the University of Indiana determined that 15% of women will fake an orgasm to preserve their relationship.  Men on the other hand often fake foreplay by tapping out the bongo drum part in "Babaloo." 

RIBBON CUT -- Brother, which has manufactured 5.9 million portable typewriters in its North Wales factory since 1885, has donated the last machine off the assembly line to a London Museum.   Next week, the last bottle of White Out will be donated to the Sherwin-Williams Museum.

FEETS, DO YOUR STUFF -- Ever wonder why comedians seem to live so long?  Turns out that laughter, according to a recent medical study, is a quantifiable form of exercise.  For instance, Michael Richards lost eight pounds just running away from the audience after he used the "N" word on stage.

MISSED BY THAT MUCH -- An exhibition in Tokyo features electronic inventions that never caught on with buyers like the hand-operated washing machine, the radio-shaped TV and the toaster that delivered the toast to your plate.  American technology has had its share of duds, too -- like the sun dial with a sweep second shadow or the toothpaste tube with a cap at both ends so it doesn't matter if you squeeze it in the middle.

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