SUN, MON, November 4, 5, 2012

COMPARE & CONTRAST -- Fans of 65-year old Rolling Stones sideman Ronnie Wood are wondering if his plans to marry girlfriend Sally Humphries, 41 years younger, is a good idea heart attack-wise.  Of course, being a Stone gives him an advantage.  Standing next to Keith Richards, he looks ten years younger than she does.

HOWDY, PARD -- Cattle from Bismarck, North Dakota transplanted last year to Kazakhstan are thriving in the cold climate there, but local cowhands are too green to care for them properly so American cowboys are coaching them.  The six-week course includes roping, branding, fence-mending and honky-tonk line dancing with someone else's wife.

PARTING GIFTS -- Yet another sign of Europe's crumbling economy --  UBS, the largest bank in Switzerland, is laying off 10,000 employees.  On the surface, this sounds like bad news, right?  No way.  They've all been given a free Rolex and offered jobs guarding the pope. 

APP CHAP -- A 17-year old London youth has designed a million dollar app called "Summly" that digests lengthy news stories into smaller bites in nanoseconds using algorithms.  It's literally flying off the shelves in England thanks to a feature that automatically cancels dental appointments.  

TOP BROWN -- Engineers at Boeing have developed a missile armed with microwaves that disables only electrically-powered devices without harming humans.  However, they're still trying to work out a glitch.  The only electrical device it won't destroy are microwave ovens -- due, the scientists think, to professional courtesy.

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