SUNDAY, MONDAY, November 25, 26, 2012

WET WICK -- TV critics skewered Sunday night's "Liz and Dick" biopic with Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler as the sizzling duo who ignited each other during the filming of "Cleopatra."   The love scenes are so contrived and unconvincing, even a fellow actor urges Liz to go back to Eddie Fisher.

NO BILLIARDS -- In London, a naked man scrambled atop the bronze statue of 19th century Duke of Cambridge in the Whitehall District and held off police for three hours.  A spokesman for the Palace explained that Prince Harry had "apparently imbibed too many pints while celebrating Thanksgiving at Grandma's castle."

POCKET CHANGE -- A silver colonial Massachusetts coin minted in 1652 sold at an auction in New York for $430,000.  It's believed to be the only currency to contain all the signatures on the Declaration of Independence.  Well almost all of them.  Half of John Hancock's is followed by a notice that says "Continued on next coin."

FEEL LIKE A NUT -- The City of Cannes, France launched its first annual "Chocolate Fair" featuring beautiful women from all nations wearing designer outfits made entirely of cocoa products.  Biggest hit during the bathing suit portion was Lady GaGa's bikini made from two size D Reese's Cups and a Peter-Paul Mounds.   

IS YOUR COMPUTER ON? -- The chief financial officer and several employees of Walmart's first store in Mumbai, India have been suspended as a result of  an investigation of fraud and corruption.  It seems the managers were selling high-priced tech support for electronic products even though customers were able to run next door and get it for free. 

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