THURSDAY, November 29, 2012

ONE FOR THE ROAD -- Las Vegas's McCarran Airport now provides the harried traveler an oasis of alcoholic delights at "The Liquor Library" where "librarians" in grey skirts and horn-rimmed glasses offer visitors "free tastings" of 350 brands of beer, wine and spirits.  The Library provides virtually everything for the serious drinker including an in-house counselor from the Betty Ford Clinic.

TIT FOR TAT -- Parliament will soon vote on a bill to strengthen Great Britain's anti-prostitution laws.  On the other side, British prostitutes are demanding cleaner working  conditions, more sick pay, and increased medical and dental.  Well, increased medical, anyway.

ME TARZAN -- A study on worldwide life expectancy commissioned by the UN found, surprisingly, that males living in the tropics die seven years earlier than those who don't.  Most die prematurely from exhaustion trying to communicate with nothing but a set of bongo drums and a conch shell.


STRONG RESUME -- Jill Kelley, the Tampa socialite who exposed The Petraeus-Broadwell affair, has been stripped of her diplomatic status as an "honorary consul" to South Korea.  But not to fret.  Within hours she was offered a position by North Korea's Kim Jong Un as an "honorary concubine."

BOUGHS OF BULLETS -- The FBI reports a 20% increase in applications for gun-ownership background checks.  Black Friday spurred strong sales figures across the nation from Shooter's World in Phoenix to Guns Galore in Kileen, Texas.  Makes sense.  Nothing says "Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men" like an AK-47 under the tree.

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